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Metasequoia honshuensis
Rare Conifer - Big Cone Dawn Redwood
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You can buy Metasequoia honshuensis big cone Dawn Redwood online mail-order. Metasequoia honshuensis is a beautiful rare conifer commonly called a large cone dawn redwood. A purchase of Metasequoia honshuensis Dawn Redwood is a true investment in your yard! Metasequoia honshuensis is the rare big cone dawn redwood tree for you. Buy this Metasequoia honshuensis big cone dawn redwood with confidence at our online Japanese maple store!
Metasequoia honshuensis is known as the big cone dawn redwood. The dawn redwood has differing foliage, larger cones, and exceptional vigor. Metasequoia honshuensis may reach 17 ft in 10 years. 
Zones 4-8
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