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Chaenomeles japonica 'Chojuraku' Dwarf Flowering Quince

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Chaenomeles japonica


Double Orange Flowering Quince

Zones 5-9

'Chojuraku’ appears on the scene with double orange blooms in early winter to late spring. It is often one of the first blooming plants, which makes it a great pollen source for bees waking up from the winter sleep. The 2 inch orange flowers appear before the leaves, making this flowering shrub put on a display that is unmatched this time of the year. Like most flowering quinces ‘Chojaruku’ develops thorns on the branches. ‘Chojuraku’ may reach 4-5 ft in height and width in 10 years. ‘Chojuraku’ is an excellent candidate for bonsai. Remember that Chaenomeles only flower on growth that is older than 1 year, so all pruning should be done after blooming.

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