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2 Excellent Dwarf Japanese Maples | Cultivar Spotlight

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Acer palmatum 'Catalina yatsubusa'

The 'Catalina yatsubusa' is a variegated type of 'Mikawa yatsubusa'. It has irregular variegation on its thin, pointed leaves, with yellow to lime green borders on new growth and dark green blotches. The older growth has leaves shaped similarly to the 'Mikawa yatsubusa', with darker centers and lighter green tips. The 'Catalina yatsubusa' has a dense, tightly layered habit that looks like shingles on a roof, giving it a fluffy appearance. This cultivar has a more upright form than other 'Mikawa yatsubusa' selections and can reach a height of 5-6 ft and a width of 4 ft in 10 years. During fall, it displays a range of colors from orange to red. It thrives in Zones 5 through 9 and is an ideal choice for Bonsai.


Acer palmatum 'Mystic Mikawa'

The 'Mystic Mikawa' is a recently developed cultivar of the beloved dwarf Mikawa yatsubusa. Its leaves emerge in a gorgeous orange hue, which eventually changes to green and then to an orange-red during the autumn months. The 'Mystic Mikawa' is expected to maintain its compact and layered form, growing to a height of 3-4 ft in about 15 years. This particular cultivar was discovered and introduced by Crispin Silva, and it thrives in Zones 5 through 9.

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