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Speaking Engagements

Epic MrMaple Trip To Japan

Speaker Bios:

At Mr. Maple, our passion is Japanese maples. We love sharing colorful plants through our weekly new 10@10 listings each Tuesday. Brothers & co-owners, Matt & Tim Nichols are both past presidents of the North American Maple Society and have a lifetime of experience studying these amazing trees.

MrMaple In Japan


Matt & Tim are passionate about sharing their maple obsession through daily videos on The MrMaple Show YouTube channel and their weekly podcast.


Nippon no ichi ti has been featured on many TV shows from ‘Growing a Greener World’ to Tokyo TV in Japan. Our nursery has been also recommended in Southern Living magazine, Garden Design, Our State and Country Gardens among many other publications.


MrMaple Speaking Engagement is at the forefront for cultivar evaluations through our Area 51 Introductions Program. We proudly provide the highly sought after and new cutting-edge plants from ‘Dragon Master’ to ‘Firefly’ evaluated and named here at our farm.

Bryce Lane

Our family-owned nursery spans multiple generations and continues to be on the cutting edge in every aspect of Japanese maples.


Have your group learn about Japanese maples by having Tim or Matt speak at your event.

Speeches Currently Available: 

Falling In Love with Japanese Maples: A look into Japanese maples that turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red in the fall. 

Area 51: From the Area 51 Collection at MrMaple - Plants and Japanese maples that are out of this world. 

Gardening with Kids: A fun look at Japanese maples and other plants that are fun for your children and grandchildren 

Classical Japanese Maples: These are the classic Japanese maples that have stood the test of time and made Japanese maples popular today. Many may be rare in the nursery trade, but are just as impressive and showy as many of the newer types coming out today

The Ornamental Obsession: Amazing new woody ornamentals for your that you will want... or need for your collection.

Color Explosion: A look at the amazing plants that provide a show case of vibrant color in the landscape and garden 

Every Tree Has A Story: The story behind the plants can be just as exciting as the plants themselves. This is a look at the history behind some amazing Japanese maples and other woody ornamentals

20 Japanese Maples You Need In Your Garden: A look at 20 exciting, beautiful, and useful Japanese maples in the landscape or garden

The ABC's of Japanese Maples: An Intrudoction to Japanese Maples

The Acer Addiction: A look at how different plant collectors create a maple collection from an amazing assortment of maples

Heat Tolerant Maples for the South: Focusing on ornamental maples that perform well in the Southern United States

Japanese Maples For Containers: Japanese maples make fantastic container plants. This is a look at how to grow maples in containers and look at which cultivars perform best in patio pots

New and Exciting Japanese Maples: A talk on the newest maples in the industry

MrMaple Goes to Japan: Matt and Tim got a free trip ti Japan in the fall of 2016 when they were featured in an episode of Nihon ni ichitai on Tokyo TV. This is a look at maples in Japan in fall color and other great maples from Japan.

The World of Ginkgo: An introduction into ginkgo and a look into the new and exciting trend of ornamental ginkgo in the garden and landscape

Japanese Maple Madness: A look into the many cultivars of unique Japanese maples filled with fun and excitement 

International Maples of Mystery: MrMaple drove nearly 3,000 miles in Japan studying Japanese maples. This is a fun look at these maples as well as some great Japanese maples that originated in Japan.

To have Tim and Matt talk to your garden group or at your event, please contact for more information.