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We've released 10 new plants! Click here for more information.
We've released 10 new plants! Click here for more information.

General Care of Ginkgos

There is a wide range of habitats that Ginkgos can grow in
Ginkgos grow in Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Ginkgos are extremely heat & cold tolerant which makes this species an ideal grower for novices & even experienced growers. Although they're widely cultivated they have a spot on the IUCN Red List. Do your part to protect endangered species and grow a Ginkgo today!

Good drainage is a key for growing a healthy Ginkgo. Having good drainage will help prevent root rot & ensure a healthy growth rate each year.
According to our in-house tests, Ginkgo's love a more akaline soil so give them some lime when you're planting them!
Early spring is a good time to fertilize your Ginkgo, however we personally don't fertilize past May/June. Doing this will promote vibrant fall colors & help your plant winterize.

Light Conditions
Ginkgo's are sun loving plants. If you want to pick up the growth rate for you ginkgo it's recommended to put it in an area with more sun. If you don't have any high sunlit areas not to worry, they also perform well in shady spots too.

Picking the proper cultivar
If you're interested in growing a Dwarf Ginkgo we'd suggest the 'Mariken' , 'Troll' , 'Gnome' variety. However if you'd like a larger Ginkgo we'd suggest the 'Autumn Gold' variety. All of these plants grow extremely well in many different growing conditions which makes them optimal for most growers!