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Maple Info

There is a lot to learn about Japanese maples. This diverse group offers a wide selection of size, color, form, foliage, shape, and utility that can add an ever-changing beauty to any garden. This is one thing about Japanese maples that is simply amazing.They create a landscape filled with colors of crimson, red, orange, yellow, and green in unique shapes and sizes. These ornamental trees can be planted where space is limited, or as an accent to your lawn or landscape. They can serve as a focal point, be raised in a container, or used to accentuate an entrance way. Depending upon the variety, they can be grown in full sun or full shade.

The non-invasive root system of Japanese maples have distinct advantages over other trees. Another great thing about Japanese maples is that they can be planted in the ground near rock walls, sidewalks, or concrete driveways without worry of cracking. This unobtrusive root system also makes these trees great for containers. A large container with a Japanese maple can bring the essence of the Japanese garden to driveways, patios, and decks. If you want to know more about Japanese maples, please read more on our website. If you have more questions about Japanese maples, feel free to email us.

A purchase of a Japanese maple is a true investment in your landscape.