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Acer palmatum 'Baton Rouge' | Cultivar Spotlight

Acer palmatum 'Baton Rouge'

 Acer palmatum 'Baton Rouge' is an interesting new cultivar that is very hard to find. This brilliant mid-sized tree is extremely heat tolerant and originates just outside of Houston, Texas. It is noted as a cultivar of Acer palmatum that does very well in full sun for the South. This tree has a spectacular bright red bark that stands out in any season! 'Baton Rouge' translates from French to English as "red stick" and this describes its interesting habit. The bark is very similar to that of 'Sango kaku' but the leaf is larger. In the spring 'Baton Rouge' also has more red tipping around the edge of the leaf which gives it a nice contrast to the bright red bark.

This tree is so new that little is known about the max height. From its growth rate we expect it to be in the 10-12 ft range after 10 years. The fall colors are bright yellow with flashes of red and some light translucent purple tones. The great thing about Japanese maples with coral bark is that they really add something to each season. In the spring through fall, they are amazing like many of the other maple cultivars but in the winter 'Baton Rouge' really shines. With the lack of color in most winter gardens the flash or red bark really can brighten your day. This amazing tree is sure to add year-round color to your garden and become one of your favorites to photograph in any season.

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Alan Smith - April 19, 2023

BTW , #MAPLESRULE and MrMAPLEs’ list makes me drool !

Alan Smith - April 19, 2023

What are the zone tolerances of this variety ? Other Coral and winter novel barked Japanese maples are 6 & warmer , I am looking for a 5 or 5b variety.

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