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Acer palmatum 'Gossamer' | Cultivar Spotlight

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Acer palmatum 'Gossamer'

In the tranquil grounds of the original Red Maple Nursery nestled in Lima, Pennsylvania, a remarkable discovery unfolded under the watchful eye of our esteemed friend, Billy Schwartz. Amidst the sprawling branches of a venerable Acer japonicum, 'Gossamer' emerged as a serendipitous seedling, its delicate beauty captivating all who beheld it.

This laceleaf japonicum unveils a mesmerizing transformation each spring, as its leaves unfurl in a shimmering silver hue, gradually maturing into a verdant green tapestry. What sets 'Gossamer' apart is its exquisitely intricate foliage, boasting a laciness unparalleled among its Acer japonicum counterparts. Enthusiasts speculate that this celestial creation might bear the genetic imprint of an Acer palmatum dissectum, imbuing it with its ethereal allure.

Standing as a testament to its lineage, 'Gossamer' epitomizes the epitome of elegance in the realm of Japanese maples. Its diminutive stature and leisurely growth make it a coveted addition to any landscape, lending a touch of enchantment to container gardens, conifer troughs, and the whimsical realms of fairy gardens alike.

Our journey with 'Gossamer' transcends mere admiration, as we had the privilege of witnessing its humble beginnings firsthand. The original seedling, a dainty marvel in its own right, pales in comparison to the vigorous vitality of its grafted progeny. In a cherished photograph, Billy Schwartz stands alongside Tim, cradling the original 'Gossamer', a poignant testament to a discovery that continues to inspire wonder and delight through the ages.

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