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Acer palmatum 'Pink Princess' | Cultivar Spotlight

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Acer palmatum 'Pink Princess'

Zones: 5-9

Introducing ‘Pink Princess’, a new and enchanting dwarf compact selection of Japanese maple distinguished by its variegated leaves. Variegated brooms are a rarity in the plant world, and ‘Pink Princess’ stands out as the first known variegated broom on a maple.

Discovered as a broom on ‘Beni shichihenge’ by our esteemed friend Carl Munn, we were privileged to be the first to evaluate and name this unique tree. ‘Pink Princess’ unfurls its leaves in the spring with a delightful pink-margined variegation on a green leaf. As summer progresses, the pink edges gracefully fade to white.

‘Pink Princess’ is a vigorous dwarf globe, expected to reach 4 feet in height and width within 10 years. To maintain its vibrant pink spring color longer into the season, provide it with protection from the hot afternoon sun. Come fall, ‘Pink Princess’ transforms with stunning hues of orange to red.

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