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Acer palmatum Pink Princess

The new 'Pink Princess' Japanese Maple is an exceptionally unique and rare find in the plant world! You may have heard of the 'Beni shichihenge' Japanese Maple but through a witch's broom mutation appeared the new 'Pink Princess'. As spring draws nearer, the pink fades to white, adding a touch of beauty to the summer season.

This variety of Japanese Maple is truly something to behold, with a vigorous growth reaching 4 feet in height and 4 feet in width in just 10 years. It also has beautiful orange to red fall foliage, but it's important to remember to provide extra protection from the hot afternoon sun to ensure that the pink spring color stays for as long as possible.

If you're looking for a special, eye-catching plant that will be the envy of the neighborhood, then 'Pink Princess' Japanese Maple may be perfect for you! It is a true rarity and will make a stunning addition to any garden.

Acer palmatum Sagara Nishiki

The 'Sagara nishiki' Japanese Maple is a sight to behold. Its large chartreuse to rich green leaves are coated with a beautiful golden dusting variegation, adding a dazzling touch to any landscape. Plus, the variegation is so thick in some years that it can look yellow from afar!

When planted in the right environment – standard soil with some protection from hot afternoon sun – this stunning tree will grow for up to heights of 7-8 feet within 10 years. But its true grandeur is revealed when autumn comes around. Then its leaves turn a spectacular golden yellow to orange, providing an unforgettable display that will leave your guests in awe.

Add a touch of exquisite beauty to your outdoor area with the 'Sagara nishiki' Japanese Maple. It's a guaranteed showstopper and sure to bring unique character to your garden.

Acer palmatum Nebula

Introducing 'Nebula', a brand new and truly remarkable selection of reticulated Japanese maple. With its lush and eye-catching foliage, 'Nebula' will instantly add a unique and beautiful look to your garden.

This unique maple tree features pink new growth surrounded by an extraordinary lime green hue, while the veins of the leaf are clearly visible and striking. As it matures, 'Nebula' transitions to a bright green with darker veins, and in autumn the foliage takes on a lovely red to maroon hue for a stunning seasonal display.

Brought to you by Buchholz Nursery, 'Nebula' is expected to reach 8 feet in 10 years, and with proper care, will show off its beautiful colors throughout the year. To ensure optimal colors, 'Nebula' should be given some protection from the hot afternoon sun. If you're looking to add a truly special tree to your garden, 'Nebula' is the one for you!


Acer palmatum Radiant

Are you looking for a stunning ornamental tree to transform your garden? Look no further than Radiant™. Its striking pink and white mottles will have your garden looking like a veritable work of art.

But that's just the start of its beauty. In spring, Radiant's green leaves will be dusted with a gentle pink hue that may fade to a creamy hue by summer. But don't worry, because the new growth will inject a vibrant new hue of pink into your garden. As the seasons progress, Radiant™ will offer a kaleidoscope of colors, culminating in a beautiful bright red during the fall. And when winter arrives, Radiant™ will still offer plenty of interest with its yellow-green bark, which is highlighted with swirls of pink.

What's more, Radiant™ will reach 8-10 feet in height in just 15 years! So, if you're searching for a showstopping ornamental tree, look no further than Radiant™ – it will be sure to give your garden a new lease on life!


Azalea Hardy Gardenia

Dr. Charles Fischer of Linwood, NJ had a vision: to hybridize azaleas that could survive the cold Northern winters, and still bloom with beautiful, double-hose-in-hose flowers. After much trial and error, his hard work and dedication paid off with the creation of the ‘Hardy Gardenia’. This stunning 2.5 inch double flower is one of the most exquisite azaleas out there, with its pure white color adding a special charm to any garden. It may be slow growing, only reaching 3-4 ft in height and width in 10 years, but this azalea’s hardiness and beauty are well worth the wait. Thanks to Dr. Charles Fischer’s determination, gardeners can now enjoy a real Northern azalea with the ‘Hardy Gardenia'.


Hydrangea Miyama Yae Murasaki

Miyama yae murasaki is an enchanting sight to behold! This exquisite lacecap Japanese mountain hydrangea is renowned for its unique double florets, larger than average blooms, and early bloom time. But the most remarkable aspect of this delightful shrub? Its color! Depending on the pH of the soil, the blossoms can appear anywhere from a deep pink to a vivid blue or purple.

It's easy to see why the plant was given its beautiful name - 'Miyama' means 'beautiful mountains' and 'Yae Murasaki' refers to its double flower and purple hue. When given the right care, this luscious shrub can reach heights and widths of up to 4 feet in just 10 years! So, if you're looking to make your outdoor spaces truly unforgettable, look no further than Miyama yae murasaki.

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