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Full Moon Acer Shirasawanum Series

Full Moon Acer Shirasawanum Part 1
'Nikko' was a seedling that Cor van Gelderen of Esveld Nursery in Holland collected from a full moon Japanese maple at Nikko National Park. The rounded foliage is typical of Acer shirasawanum in the wild and is quite different from what we find in cultivation. Fall color is typically bright yellow infused with orange. We expect Acer shirasawanum 'Nikko' to reach 10 ft in 10 years.
Acer shirasawanum 'Autumn Moon' is a spectacular tree when given the proper setting in the garden. In most gardens, it is recommended to give protection from the hot afternoon sun for best growth. Some morning sun will peak the colors. 'Autumn Moon' was a chance seedling that was selected and introduced by JD Vertrees, who wrote the original book on Japanese maples. The spring color is a bright salmon pink that malts across the bright green full moon leaves. 'Autumn Moon' may reach 6-8 ft in height and width in 10 years. Fall color on 'Autumn Moon' turns oranges to red.
Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' is a star in the garden. It leafs out with large round chartreuse green fans that become yellower as the spring progresses. Mid-summer colors fade back to a bright yellow-green. With a few hours of morning sun, 'Aureum' may leaf out with a purple-red border and highlighted veins in the leaf. Fall colors are oranges infused with reds. Because of these amazing color changes of yellow and orange, 'Aureum' is often also known as the Golden Full Moon maple.

Protection from the hot afternoon sun is a must with this tree, especially in the south. It is best grown in zones 5-8a in dappled to heavy shade. Patience is needed for this tree. While it may appear vigorous when young, 'Aureum' slows down with age only reaching 6-8 ft in height around 10 years. Sometimes this tree is best placed around the garden in a container until the right spot is found for this tree to thrive. Because of this slow growth pattern, it is ideal for container growing. This will allow you to find the right spot in the yard for 'Aureum' to shine.
Acer shirasawanum 'Palmatifolium' is a full moon maple with large green leaves that cup downward. 'Palmatifolium' is said to be the parent of 'Trompenburg'. The large green leaves on 'Palmatifolium' turn to a bold yellow to red in the fall. 'Palmatifolium' may reach 12-16 ft in 20 years.

‘Trompenburg’ is an upright red Japanese maple that has a very unique leaf structure. Many even consider this a hybrid with Acer shirasawanum. The large leaf curls under creating a sharp hand-like effect. The curling leaf is very different and adds a very different look to an upright red. The early spring color is a very deep burgundy-red. ‘Trompenburg’ holds its deep red color extremely well though the entire summer even in full sun. The fall color of this Japanese maple is a scarlet red.

‘Trompenburg’ is a very vigorous Japanese maple tree and can grow 9 to 10 inches a year. The height can reach 15-22 ft over time and the mature shape is vase-like in structure. This amazing cultivar adds a very exotic new look to any location. If you are looking for an upright red that has a lot of character then ‘Trompenburg’ is a great choice for you.

Full Moon Acer Shirasawanum Part 2
'Red Wing' is beautiful slow growing full moon Japanese Maple. The round green leaves are quite attractive individually, creating a nice layered look overall. 'Red Wing' develops seeds as it ages and by late summer to early fall the seeds are a bright red with contrast so nicely with the leaves. This is where 'Red Wing' gets its name. Fall colors range from orange to red on 'Red Wing'. 'Red Wing' may reach 6-8 ft in 10 years. Make sure to give 'Red Wing' protection from the hot afternoon sun for best growth.
'Moonrise' is an excellent full moon Japanese maple selection that is vigorous, hardy, and extremely beautiful. Acer shirasawanum 'Moonrise' leafs out with large full moon leaves that are pink-red maturing to chartreuse with pink-red highlights. Throughout the summer, bright pink new growth is displayed, while malting leaf colors of pink to chartreuse provide a dynamic contrast that will stand out in the landscape. 'Moonrise' is expected to reach 8-10 ft in 15 years. Fall colors are bright oranges to deep red.
'Moonrise' a great introduction by one of our good friends, Carl Munn, receiving the 2016 Maple of the Year Award given out by the North American Branch of the Maple Society.
These 'Moonrise' are chip bud grafted, which means the grafts are more prominent at this young age. The graft will become less prominent with time.
‘Sensu’ is a superb full moon maple selection that leafs out with orange to bronze tones on a larger deeply divided leaf. The leafs mature to green by late spring, turning orange to red in the fall. ‘Sensu’ may reach around 8 ft in height in 10 years.
Acer shirasawanum 'Sensu’ is a hybrid upright Japanese maple that was found as a chance seedling from Acer shirasawanum ‘Palmatifolium’ by plant breeder Jim Baggett at Oregon State University. Jim gave Talon Buchholz this tree under the code name ‘JB-50’, which it is still sometimes found in the nursery trade. Talon Buchholz gave this full moon maple the official name of ‘Sensu’, which is Japanese for “moving fan” and introduced it into cultivation.
Acer shirasawanum ‘Jordan’ is a superb yellow cultivar that can brighten any garden. This exciting new selection has better color and more vigor than several of its golden predecessors. It was found by Fratelli Gilardelli of Gilardelli Nursery in Italy and was named after his son.
‘Jordan’ may boast the brightest yellow shades of all Japanese maple cultivars in early spring. This bright yellow coloration is often outlined with a light border of red. Autumn colors are amazing shades or deep maroon and orange. ‘Jordan’ is listed as an Acer shirasawanum but may actually be an Acer shirasawanum x palmatum hybrid. This would explain its vigor and heat tolerance. ‘Jordan’ will typically reach 10-12 feet in 15 years. We recommend late day shade for the best colors.
This is certainly a Japanese maple that brings the wow-factor for color and texture. We recommend ‘Jordan’ as the perfect tree to contrast deep maroons or to be used as a focal point planting. You may need sunglasses in the early spring for all the bright neon yellow color ‘Jordan’ will shine in your garden.

Full Moon Acer Shirasawanum Part 3

'Yasemin' starts its spring display with large deep maroon leaves that are more divided than other shirasawanum types. Found by one of our friends Cor van Gelderen of Esveld Nursery in Holland, this Japanese maple tree named after his daughter Mirte Yasemin.
As one of the first of the hybrid shirasawanum types Yasemin received much debate on the shirasawanum status. Now it is clear that many of the newer shirasawanum types are all hybrid selections with differing levels of full moon characteristics.
'Yasemin' has the shape of acer shirasawanum with a broad spreading crown reaching 10-12 ft in 15 years. 'Yasemin' also displays the cold tolerance of Acer shirasawanum making it an excellent tree for colder climates who still want red color in the landscape. Not to worry for those in hot climates, as 'Yasemin' is exceptionally heat tolerant as well. Fall color on 'Yasemin' is a bright crimson red.
This beautiful full moon type provides great color throughout the season. In the early spring malting shades of orange-red to purple-red over lime green make this tree a joy to photograph. The lime-green veins, leaf stems, and branching make great contrast with the foliage. The leaves mature to a solid green during the late spring to early summer. In the fall 'Johin' may turn to orange to red. 'Johin' may reach 6-7 ft in height by 4-5 ft in width in 10 years. 'Johin' is Japanese for "elegant". 'Johin' was found and introduced by our good friend Talon Buchholz.
'Bashful' is a dwarf compact full moon Japanese maple that forms a nice small rounded habit. The leaves are more orange when leafing out, turning to a chartreuse green. Fall color can range from yellow to orange. The large rounded leaves are similar in shape to that of 'Autumn Moon' but the small globose habit make 'Bashful' stand out. 'Bashful' may reach 2-3 ft in height by 3-4 ft in width in 10 years. This makes 'Bashful' a great full moon Japanese maple for containers or small spaces. 'Bashful' performs best when given morning sun with protection from the hot afternoon sun. 'Bashful' was found and introduced by our good friend Crispin Silva.
'Red Dawn' is a spectacular hybrid full moon Japanese maple. It leafs out in he spring with a red to lavender rounded leaf. This Japanese maple has more lobes than most Acer palmatum, showing the Acer shirasawanum in its genetics. The seed also point upward on this Japanese maple, another characteristc typical of a full moon maple.  The gorgeous spring colors on this maple are simply amazing. Mid-summer an emerald cast may emerge in the leaf creating a nice two-tone effect. Fall color is a bright crimson red. This Japanese maple may reach 10-12 ft in height in 15 years with a canopy of equal size.
'Green Snowflake' is a new cascading full moon maple with deeply divided leaves. This slow growing dwarf laceleaf has elegantly cut foliage with a weeping habit that may reach 3-4 ft in width by 4-5 ft in width in 10 years. Give 'Green Snowflake' protection from the hot afternoon sun.
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