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How to Treat Spider Mites On Your Japanese Maple

On today's MrMaple Show, Tim goes over preventative tactics in regards to Spider Mites & also how to treat them if you're seeing signs of them! One of the main signs of spider mites is having webbing around the leaves of your plants. Spider mites typically target unestablished plants or stressed plants. You can test for spider mites by getting a piece of printer paper, putting it under the leaves of your plant, and shaking your plant gently. If you see red dots on the paper, you indeed have a spider mite infestation. The best treatment for spider mites is a light insecticide soap, you should spray this on the top & bottom of the foilage.

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Sandra Schaeffer - July 21, 2023

Our 5 Ft newly planted Japanese Maple leaves have a problem with the leaves looking skeletal. What is it and how do I treat it? PLEASE HELP!

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