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Pinebark Japanese Maples - Saturday Showcase

Acer palmatum 'Arakawa'

Arakawa is an upright green Japanese maple with a fantastic ruff and corky bark look to older growth. It develops this jagged bark as the juvenile growth matures. This is one of the most popular cultivars in Japan and is highly sought after in the both the landscape and bonsai trees. Arakawa can reach 10 ft in ten years maturing at 20 ft tall over time. Fall color color is a bright orange-red. With the added winter interest of the corky bark, Arakawa is provides year-round interest to the garden and landscape.


Acer palmatum 'Nishiki gawa'

‘Nishiki gawa’ is one of the most popular Japanese maples in Japan. This cultivar has a very unique “pinebark” habit. The “pinebark” appears on older growth as the juvenile bark matures. Nishiki gawa is a classic tree and adds a unique look to any garden. ‘Nishiki gawa’ can reach up to 10-12 feet in 15 years. The pine-like bark is bound to catch anyone’s eye as it stands out beautifully on a tree with palmatum leaves. Fall color can range from yellow to orange-red.


Acer palmatum 'Hubble's Super Cork'

‘Hubble's Super Cork' is a new introduction of one of the best corky pinebark selections by Scott Hubble of Metro Maples in Texas. This selection creates the most corky bark of any of the rough bark Japanese maples to date, at an earlier age.

This gives 'Hubble's Super Cork' an older appearance at an early age. The foliage is green during the summer, turning to orange to red in fall. We expect 'Hubble's Super Cork' to reach 8-10 ft in 15 years. 



Acer palmatum 'Allen's Gold'

'Allen's Gold' is a pinebark Japanese maple that leafs out with bright orange leaves. During the spring many of the leaves turn to a bright golden chartreuse, where this tree gets its name 'Allen's Gold'. This is the first ever tree to have both amazing spring color and pinebark. The pinebark on 'Allen's Gold' begins to develop the 3rd-4th year. As this tree ages, this gives 'Allen's Gold' the appearance that is much older. 'Allen's Gold' turns oranges to red in the fall. We expect 'Allen's Gold' to get 12-14 ft in 15 years.

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