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Pink Princess | Cultivar Spotlight

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Acer palmatum 'Pink Princess'

Introducing 'Pink Princess', a new dwarf compact Japanese maple selection with a unique variegated leaf. It's a rare occurrence to find variegated brooms in the plant world, and this is the first variegated broom on a maple that has been discovered so far. Our friend, Carl Munn, discovered this new selection as a broom on 'Beni shichihenge' and we were fortunate to be able to name it 'Pink Princess' after evaluating it. In the spring, 'Pink Princess' displays pink margined variegation on a green leaf which fades to white during the summer. This vigorous dwarf globe grows up to 4ft in height and width in 10 years. For a longer lasting pink spring color, it is best to protect it from the hot afternoon sun. In the fall, 'Pink Princess' exhibits orange to red foliage. It thrives in Zones 5 through 9.


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