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Sango Kaku Japanese Maple Spotlight

In this Episode of the MrMaple Show, Tim and Matt talk about Acer Palmatum 'Sango Kaku' Coral Bark Japanese Maple. To purchase Sango Kaku straight from our website, click here.

About Sango Kaku

Sango Kaku is a classic Japanese Maple meaning 'coral towers.' This tree gets its name more for the bark interest than the foliage. Sango Kaku leaves out in the spring with a lush chartreuse green, and the fall colors are going to be really brilliant yellows with accents of red and orange. The bark gets even more exuberant in the winter; you will see bright red stems that really show that spark of color in the winter. 

Sango Kaku is a tree that you will want to give sunlight and leave outside. This upright tree typically grows up to 15-20 feet tall in as many years, with about a foot of growth per year. Plant this tree in a location where you can enjoy it during the winter. Darker colored homes make great backdrops for this tree because it really stands out, as well as planting Sango Kaku in a conifer garden for a spark of color.

Tim says that he enjoys planting Sango Kaku near other Japanese Maples due to its yellow fall color that goes with many of the other oranges and reds that many of the other Japanese maples provide in the fall. A great pair with Sango Kaku is Fireglow. You will get a bright red from Fireglow, along with Sango Kaku's exuberant yellow. New growth in the spring is more of a mild Kelly green, with an overall Palmatum-style leaf. 
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