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Sienna Sunset 'Anniek' - Cultivar Highlight

Sienna Sunset™ is a new dwarf conifer from Poland that is sure to brighten up any garden. This slow-growing, compact arborvitae has striking yellow-green new growth in the spring and summer and an orange bronze hue in the late fall and winter, making it a reliable source of interest throughout the year. Found by Franciscus van Gils and Wlodzimierz Flejszer, 'Anniek' was named after Frans' daughter, and introduced into the nursery trade by Breederplants in Holland. Growing only 2-3 feet wide and tall after 10 years, Sienna Sunset™ is an extremely slow grower however it is a complete gem and fits in almost any environment you plant it in! 


Sienna Sunset™ has vibrant autumn shades of golden yellow, orange, and red create a stunning display reminiscent of the brilliant sunsets in Sienna, Italy. This gorgeous plant thrives in full sun and virtually any temperature, making it a perfect fit for any outdoor space. With its delicate foliage and bright colors, Sienna Sunset is sure to become a favorite for anyone looking for a splash of color in their garden.


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