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Variegated Forms of Mikawa Yatsubusa


Acer palmatum 'Lily Pad'

We are really happy to offer this exciting new variegated form of ‘Mikawa yatsubusa’. Acer palmatum ‘Lily Pad’ is a sport found on ‘Mikawa yatsubusa’ and retains that nice dense habit that makes it so popular. Tight dense foliage makes for a perfect platform for this swirling variegation. We have found ‘Lily Pad’ to be extremely stable in its variegation. ‘Lily Pad’ was found at Don Schmidt Nursery and named for its low flat shape. The overall habit is rounded, like a lily pad. We estimate ‘Lily Pad’ to reach around 3 ft in height by 4 ft in width in 10 years making this an awesome dwarf selection. When I first got this tree, I was really blown away by how elongated and swirling the foliage is. The leaf shape gives ‘Lily Pad’ a very unique, regal and elegant quality to it. It’s a mikawa with a ruffle and stable variegation! It makes my heart skip a beat! I think you will really enjoy this new dwarf Japanese maple in your garden. If you are an experienced collector who enjoys the "Mikawa Family Collection" or a novice just getting into gardening this new tree is going to be a must! Whether it’s in the ground or a pot this one is going to be a show stopper in your collection!

Acer palmatum 'Snow Kitten'

Acer palmatum 'Catalina Yatsubusa'

'Catalina yatsubusa' is a newer selection of variegated form of Mikawa yatsubusa. New growth has irregular variegation on thinner pointer leaves. Yellow to lime green variegation borders the new growth with irregular blotches of dark green. Older growth can display dark centers to the leaves with lighter green tips. These older growth have leaves shaped similar to 'Mikawa yatsusubsa'. 'Catalina yatsubusa' has the dense tightly layering habit that looks almost like shingles on a roof. This creates a fluffy like appearance that is quite attractive. 'Catalina' has a more upright form than other 'Mikawa yatsubusa' selections. We expect' Catalina yatsubusa' to reach 5-6 ft in height by 4 ft in width in 10 years. Fall color on 'Catalina yatsubusa' can range from orange to red.


Acer palmatum 'Kryptonite'

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