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What Size Container Do I Plant My Japanese Maple In?

On today's episode Matt & Tim go over their own logic when it comes to upsizing plants. First and foremost if you're going to grow your Japanese Maple in a container ensure it has good drainage! We have a Podcast and a Blog going over all necessary information when it comes to containers and Japanese Maples. When selecting the proper container size for your plant, ensure you don't go too large too fast. You should gradually step up the container to ensure the roots of the plant actually fill up the pot and not impede the vegetative growth of the plant. Here at MrMaple we switch out containers in order: 1 Gallon -> 2 Gallon -> 3 Gallon -> 5 Gallon -> 7 Gallon. Each step you're allowing your Japanese Maple's roots to completely fill out the pot.

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Donna ODell - July 21, 2023

Since Japanese maples do not have a deep root system is there a planter that is wider and shallower that is more suitable for growing the plants In?
I enjoy your videos, they are very informative and helpful. Although you both seem to enjoy to talk with your hands quite a bit which can be distracting.

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