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What to do About Your Japanese Maple Drying Out Too Quickly

On this MrMaple Show, Tim goes over many of the common reasons why your Japanese Maple may be drying out quicker than usual and how to combat this. First and foremost, weather is one of the main causes of this issue. During summer your Japanese Maples will need more water than in other seasons. For instance in Summer you'll have heat waves and then possibly severe heat waves, during these your plant will require much more water than usual. If you don't adapt to the environment then you may see signs of your Japanese Maple drying out.

If your Japanese Maple is showing 'burnt leaves' or dead leaves you never want to pull them off the plant. The stem of the leaf actively protects the bud in the main stem of the plant. Your tree will naturally drop leaves when it decides it's time to, you don't have to do anything! Also you never want to overwater your Japanese Maple, even if it's been dried out for a bit too long, doing so may stunt growth to a degree. You always want to water your plant, allow it to dry out, and then water it a bit more. Testing the soil 2-3" deep in the pot or ground with your finger will give you a good idea of the water content in the soil. If it's dry around that depth go ahead and water your plant.

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