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When Do I Fertilize My Japanese Maples?

The best time to fertilize your Japanese maple is when they're starting to leaf out, typically in the early spring. All types of plants love to have enough nutrients while they're being very active! However, it's very important to stop fertilizing around March - May since most fertilizers are time-release. If you fertilize past this point, your tree may be too active going into the Fall or Winter months which will yield a late dormancy. Check out some more tips on the video below!
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Dee Hayes - May 23, 2024

Great info, enjoyed the content shared.

MrMaple - March 30, 2023

Hey Nicholas,
We use a custom fertilizer here at MrMaple, we recommend a 10-10-10 for Japanese Maples. You should fertilize early spring and not fertilize at all once passed May to allow your tree to be ready for dormancy.

Nicholas Avila - March 30, 2023

what type and brand of fertilizer do you use for Japanese maples?

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