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Why is My Japanese Maple Not Turning Red?

On today's episode of the MrMaple Show Matt & Tim go over all the reasons of why your Japanese Maple may not be showing red color, even if it's known to be a red cultivar.
Japanese Maples that are still in their sapling stage may not show prominent red colors, or may even be more green than red. Environmental factors also play a huge part in the color of the leaves of your Japanese Maple. If your tree is in full sun, you may see a spike of green color in late summer due to the excess chlorophyll being stored in the plant. Optimal conditions to promote vivid colors is early morning sun and late day shade. Cultivar selection is also key if you're looking for a certain color. Red Dragon & Emperor 1 are known to hold their red color much better than other cultivars. For more information about promoting the color you want in your maple, watch the video above!

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