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Azalea 'Christmas Cheer’ Imashojo Red Kurume Azalea

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Azalea 'Christmas Cheer' Strong Red Blooming 

Evergreen Azalea -

Kurume Azalea

Ima Shojo Azalea

Zones 6-8

Kurume azaleas are some of the most noticeable and shockingly beautiful azaleas in the landscape. The blooms totally covering all the branches creates a color effect that you want in your garden. The famous plant explorer, E.H. Wilson, loved Kurume azaleas. After plant expeditions to Japan in the early 1900’s, E.H. Wilson realized we had no azaleas like those from Kurume, Japan. He decided to import 50 of these Kurume azaleas from Japan and give them new English names, likely for marketing purposes.

‘Christmas Cheer’ happened to be one of Wilson’s 50.   It is a strong red blooming Kurume azalea. The blooms are about a inch, but the branches are loaded with these hose-in-hose blooms. This gives a lot of red color in the garden in the early spring. ‘Christmas Cheer’ may reach 4-5 ft in height and width in 10 years.

‘Christmas Cheer’ was also imported into the United States from Kurume, Japan by the Domoto Brothers. The original name from Japan was ‘Imashojo’.

Kurume azaleas do great as mass plantings, especially when paired with other Kurume azaleas such as ‘Snow’ (white), ‘Mildred (Purple), and ‘Pink Pearl (Pink). 

You can buy Azalea Christmas Cheer Azalea Red Blooms online mail-order. Christmas Cheer is a beautiful a red flowering selection of a flowering an evergreen ImaShojo  azalea shrub. A purchase of an Azalea 'Christmas Cheer' azalea is a true investment in your yard! Azalea 'Christmas Cheer’ is the red Kurume flowering Wada hybrid azalea for you. Buy this Azalea 'Christmas Cheer red Blooming Kurume Ima shojo azalea online with confidence at our online Japanese maple store!

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