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Beech Party !

January is cold, and we can think about is the beech, so lets have a Beech Party!


Add any 1 of the following 1 gallon beeches to your shopping cart: 'Purple Fountain', 'Tricolor',or 'Black Swan'. These are on sale this week for $35.00

Add 1 'Red Obelisk' to your shopping cart. When purchasing both trees at check out, you will see 'Red Obelisk' price change to $25.20.

This means you can get any one of the 1 gallon beech that are on sale this week and a 'Red Obelisk' beech combined for $60.20 + shipping. That is a savings of up to $29.80. Take advantage of the sale now, before the sale is gone or we run out of beech!

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