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Buy Acer japonicum Full Moon Japanese Maple

Like the latin name suggests, Acer japonicum is a type of Japanese maple from Japan. Sometimes referred to as the Full Moon Japanese maple, Acer japonicum is an ideal tree for the landscape. In the early spring, Acer japonicum selections are often filled with large clusters of flowers displaying from nearly every single branch. These clusters of flowers are much larger than that of Acer palmatum and are often bright red to fushia in color creating a dynamic spring contrast against the large green Japonicum leaves. While the leaf shape of Acer japonicum has become quite diverse, nearly all Acer japonicum selections get larger leaves in the shade. Some may get leaves as large as small dinner plates. This provides a very tropical yet Asian look to the garden. Fall colors on Acer japonicum selections are unmatched. In Japan, it is often these Acer japonicum selections of Japanese maples that are used in plantings for fall color. Because of the thickness of the leaves, Acer japonicum selections often hold onto their leaves for longer in the fall. This equates to a longer display of fall color.  You can never go wrong with a full moon Japanese maple. 


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