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Acer oliverianum x 'Mystic Jewel' Japanese Maple

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Selected Size: 2 gallon tall

Acer oliverianum x

'Mystic Jewel'


Zones 7-9 (untested)



This selection is marketed in Europe under the species Acer palmatum, but it is clearly a hybrid. We believe ‘Mystic Jewel’ to be Acer oliverianum. 'Mystic Jewel' leafs out in the spring with a special mystical hue. This color can be a purple to red-purple. Yellows to olive green come into the center of the leaf, creating a nice contrast. By mid-summer the leaves mature to a nice darker green. New growth during the summer is a coral pink. In autumn ‘Mystic Jewel’ turns to yellow highlighted with orange. ‘Mystic Jewel’ is a fast grower at a young age reaching 12-14 ft in height in 10 years. The zone hardiness of ‘Mystic Jewel’ has not been tested. We believe it will do well in Zones 7-9, but this is an educated guess as this selection is brand new to the US market. This Japanese maple is renowned for its striking contrast of colors that show off its unique beauty throughout all four seasons, making it the ideal choice for any landscape.



Customer Reviews

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Gary Gamble
Mystic Jewel

I purchased my Mystic Jewel last fall. It over wintered in zone 6 in a container. It is a fast growing tree. I plan to plant it in the ground soon. It’s a deep red with some green at this time. It’s a beautiful tree. I really like the shape of the leaves.

So far so good

The tree loves the sun and seems to grow a little bit daily. Leaves started off teal and now are turning green, zone 9b beginning of spring and late April.