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Acer palmatum 'Fireglow' Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum 'Fireglow'

Excellent Bright Red 'Fireglow' Japanese Maple

Zones 5-9

'Fireglow' is an excellent red upright Japanese maple tree that reaches 10-12 ft in 15 years. 'Fireglow' leafs out as a bright red, before maturing to a deep maroon for the summer. 'Fireglow' will get an orange-red glow to the back side of the leaf when grown in the sun, giving the tree a brighter appearance and making it glow, when looking up from below. 'Fireglow' turns to a brighter fiery red in the fall.

The 'Fireglow' Japanese maple is an excellent heat tolerant red selection that can perform well in the South as well as the colder climates of the North. Being a smaller mid-sized tree, 'Fireglow' can provide color in the landscape while easily keeping a smaller stature than other comparable red upright Japanese maples trees. 'Fireglow' is one of the most desired Japanese maples.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Allen Peters

Premature but looks very healthy and pretty so far

Seth M

Prompt service, ordered several trees and they arrived in a matter of days. Great selections too for anyone looking for more exotic trees that can’t be found at local nurseries.

Jacob Wendel
Beautiful tree

I picked up a 3 gallon fireglow at the open house that was bigger than most 7 gallons I have seen in box stores. It has been handling full sun in SE Geeorgia like a champ. If you are looking for an upright red, but want something a bit different than what is usually available at most nurseries, this will not disappoint. The red is a bit less purple than emperor 1(I have both in my front yard), so it adds another shade of color to the garden. I paired mine with a Summer Gold and they look great together.

Mark S.
Fire love

We waited a year to come to an open house because we missed the last one. So glad we did because this beauty was calling our name. We came up thinking we would leave with a few small trees one being the fire glow. But now we got lucky and this beauty hasn’t let us down yet. Gorgeous color. It’s in its full summer color now but I cannot wait to see it in fall. It is eating up the spot we gave it with partial shade to full sun. It has become the family favorite. We will be coming back next year!

Elizabeth Rzonca
Never Disappoints!

Every tree we have gotten has been healthy, well packaged and even prettier than anticipated!