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Osmanthus fragrans Fragrant Sweet Olive

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Osmanthus fragrans

Buy White Flowering Fragrant Sweet Olive

Zones 7-10


Osmanthus fragrans, commonly referred to as a fragrant sweet olive, is a classic plant in the Southern landscape. The fragrance from October through March is something that people have been accustomed to in the Southern garden. The evergreen foliage of Osmanthus fragrans gives year-round interest. The white to light yellow blooms on Osmanthus frangrans are small and appear near the stem below the leaves. The biggest impact this tree will have in your garden is the sweet aroma it brings. Osmanthus fragrans may reach 10-12 ft in height in 10 years. It may be pruned as a hedge or allowed to grow to mid-size to large tree. Osmanthus fragrans may also be grown in Zone 6b, but protection from harsh winter winds is necessary for success. Zones 7-10. 


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