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Thuja occidentalis 'Little Gem' Dwarf Arborvitae

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Thuja occidentalis 'Little Gem' 
Dwarf Arborvitae

Partial Sun to Full Sun

Zone 3a - 7a

'Little Gem' exhibits remarkable adaptability, thriving in various soil compositions, including alkaline soils. It flourishes under full sun or partial shade but should be spared from full shade to prevent significant thinning of its foliage.

The 'Little Gem' boasts appealing deep green foliage, characterized by scale-like leaves arranged in dense, flat sprays that retain their color admirably even during cold winters, though they may take on a bronze hue. Its growth pattern is dense, flattened, and broadly spherical. Typically, it reaches a height of only about 3 ft and spreads up to 6 ft wide within 10 years.

This dwarf 'Little Gem' variety proves particularly well-suited for lawns or small areas, and it can serve effectively as an accent or within border plantings. Its rich green hue renders it an excellent choice for enhancing the aesthetics of a winter garden.

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