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Acer palmatum 'Golden Falls' Weeping Golden Japanese Maple

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Selected Size: 1 gallon Low Graft

Acer palmatum 'Golden Falls'
Rare Golden Weeping Japanese Maple

Zones 5-9

'Golden Falls' is a brand new weeping selection of Japanese maple that has golden yellow foliage. This selection was found as a chance seedling from 'Ryusei'. Like its parent, it has a heavily weeping habit that will reach the height you stake it to, then cascade from that point. 'Golden Falls' will crawl across the ground creating a unique ground cover without being staked. The tree pictured is a 7 gallon, to show the shape and color of this unique tree. Give 'Golden Falls' morning sun with protection from the hot afternoon sun. Fall colors on 'Golden Falls' may be orange to red. 

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