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Acer palmatum 'Dolly Hill' Red Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum 'Dolly Hill'

Rare Beautiful Red Dolly Hill Japanese Maple Tree

Area 51 Collection™ Plants That Are Out Of This World

Zones 5-9

You can buy Dolly Hill Jaanese maple trees online

Acer palmatum 'Dolly Hill' leafs out in the spring as a bright red to deep marron with large rounded leaves. As the tree matures, the leaves become so wide that each individual leaf twists like rolling hills. Mid-summer, the leaves will go green-red but give an overall red look to the tree. Fall color is a bright scarlet red. 'Dolly Hill' may reach 12 ft in height in 15 years.

Dolly Hill was an avid gardener who loved Japanese maples. Dolly  started growing Japanese maples in the 1950's in Western North Carolina and spread her love of Japanese maples all across the area. People from all over would stop and take photos with her yard, especially with the original 'Dolly Hill'. Dolly Hill had two broken hips from falling in the garden. She couldn't garden by herself and relied on family. Her two grandsons grew up working in her garden near the original 'Dolly Hill' and began to grow a love of Japanese maples in the process. Those two grandsons happen to be us, Matt and Tim Nichols.

In the early 1980's our grandmother was offered $10,000 for the original 'Dolly Hill', who could have used the money, but loved this tree too much to let it go. She quickly turned down the offer. Now is your opportunity to share in this tradition of a love of Japanese maples and plant a 'Dolly Hill' in your yard.

You can buy Dolly Hill Japanese maple trees online mail-order. Dolly Hill is an exceptional red Japanese maple in the Area 51 Collection. A purchase of a Dolly Hill red Japanese maple is a true investment in your yard! Acer palmatum 'Dolly Hill'is the beautiful burgundy red Japanese maple for you. Buy this Dolly Hill red Japanese maple tree online with confidence at our online Japanese maple store.

Limited Quantities Available !! As we have over a thousand cultivars of Japanese maples, we often do not have many of each cultivar. We recommend that you buy Japanese maples you want immediately as we often sell out of certain selections.