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Blue Japanese Maple Trees

Blue Japanese Maple Tree

Fact or Fiction?

Blue Japanese Maple Trees
Buy Blue Japanese maple trees online. Blue Japanese maple trees for sale on MrMaple. Buy a Blue Japanese maple tree today mail-order. Buying a blue Japanese maple has never been easier. Buy a Blue Japanese maple for bonsai. Blue Japanese maples are fake and not real.

Good News and Bad News

Bad News:


At our nursery we graft and produce over 1000 different cultivars of Japanese maples. We produce the largest selection of Japanese maple trees in the United States. We travel the world studying Japanese maple trees and are extremely active in the Maple Society.

Everyone wants a blue Japanese maple. We get calls daily about blue Japanese maple trees. Blue Japanese maples do not really exist. Blue Japanese maples are attempts for people to sell Japanese maple seeds that have been died blue with food coloring. The photos of blue Japanese maples online are all photo-shopped. You can actually look at the blue grass in the photo above, or blue discolor on many of the photo-shop attempts of Blue Japanese maples.


Good News:

Acer palmatum 'Purple Ghost'

Buy Purple Ghost Japanese Maple Tree


Purple Japanese maples are real. Some Japanese maples leaf out as a bright lavender purple to fushia purple.


'Purple Ghost' Japanese maple can leaf out with unreal colors of lavender to fushia purple that will shock and awe anyone coming to look at your trees. We have 'Purple Ghost' Japanese maple trees now available at this link where you can see more photos and read a full description of this uniquely colored Japanese maple tree.


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Blue Japanese Maple Trees