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We're bringing back our Limited Availability Sale! Every hour on the hour we drop a limited quantity of extremely rare plants from 9AM to 9PM (EST)
We're bringing back our Limited Availability Sale! Every hour on the hour we drop a limited quantity of extremely rare plants from 9AM to 9PM (EST)

Buy Ginkgo Trees From

Buy Ginkgo trees! Ginkgo trees are for sale here on Buy ginkgo trees from the largest selection of ornamental ginkgo biloba in the USA! Buy Ginkgo trees with great yellow fall color.

Welcome to, the premier place find ginkgo trees for sale by mail-order. You can buy full-form ginkgo, compact ginkgo, dwarf ginkgo, columnar ginkgo, weeping ginkgo, and even variegated ginkgo trees.


Why ginkgo trees? Great Fall Color, Heat & Cold Tolerant, Salt Tolerant, & Pollution Tolerant

Tips for Growing Ginkgo trees

1. Ginkgo grow denser in sunlight. Most ginkgo trees want at least 4 hours of sunlight to full sun. The exception would be a few variegated ginkgo types which will ask for protection from the hot afternoon sun in their respective descriptions. The sunlight will give the ginkgo trees a nice density so they can show off in your landscape and garden.

2. Give ginkgo trees lime. No I'm not talking about the citrus, I'm talking about pellatized lime or dolometic lime that you can find at your local department stores. It is cheap, but helps adjust the pH of the soil for ginkgo trees to take up nutrients and water more efficiently. By giving them lime, it helps them get established quicker and thrive much faster.

3. If your ginkgo gets stressed, like maples, give it Super Thrive. It will give it hormones and micronutrients to help it recover from the stress.


Male Non-Fruiting Ginkgo Trees

Below you will find male selections of non-fruiting ginkgo sorted by their growth habits or unique traits. These non fruiting ginkgo have an amazing bright yellow fall color. Buy the ginkgo tree that best fits your garden! For female fruiting ginkgo, scroll down to the bottom.


Buy Upright Male Ginkgo Trees

Buy Columnar Male Ginkgo Trees

Buy Variegated Male Ginkgo Trees

Buy Weeping Male Ginkgo Trees

Buy Dwarf Ginkgo Trees

Female Fruiting Ginkgo Trees

Below you will find female fruiting ginkgo tree selections. Inside the fleshy part of a ginkgo fruit is a nut. Cracking it open and roasting it is consider an Asian delicacy. It is quite tasty and tastes similar to roasted chestnuts. The ginkgo at the following link were selected as fruiting ginkgo trees that provide tasty ginkgo nuts. Many of these selections produce prolific amounts of ginkgo nuts, and some even produce larger fruit, while still providing a great ornamental piece for the edible garden. All ginkgo trees have amazing yellow fall color. For non-fruiting ginkgo please scroll up and look at the ginkgo at the links above.

Buy Female Fruiting Ginkgo Trees