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Acer fabri - Emerald Jade Maple - Rare Evergreen Chinese Maple

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Acer fabri
Rare Acer fabri - The Emerald Jade Maple - Chinese Evergreen Maple

Zones 6-10

The dark green leaves of Acer fabri are unlobed and have a nice glossy emerald shine to them. The new growth shoots are tipped in red. The samaras (seed) are bright red and contrast beautifully with the very dark glossy green foliage. This is an interesting Chinese evergreen maple and is rare in cultivation. While it is sometimes referred to as Faber's maple, I prefer the common name of "Emerald Jade Maple" which Dr. Donglin Zhang of UGA came up with.

While the Emerald Jade maple may handle some sunlight, this is the ultimate shade tree. In China, Acer fabri is often used as house plant, because it can thrive and do well in deep shade.

Acer fabri is sure to be a great collector piece and talking point in any garden.

This species may be grafted onto Acer palmatum or may be on its own roots.

E.H. Wilson introduced this interesting evergreen to Western civilization around the turn of the 20th century. Typically, the height of this rare Chinese evergreen maple is around 12-14 feet. Little is known about the zone specifications of Acer fabri in the US as this evergreen maple tree is often wild collected in colder regions of China, where it grows natively, than most horticulturalists would be normally recommended in the United States. I do have confirmation that Acer fabri can grow in zones 5-10. In colder zones fabri may become semi-deciduous, going to a red fall color before dropping some its foliage. It is good to give fabri some winter protection in areas where late spring frosts are common. Closely related to “Japanese maples” this ever green from China is in section palmata, series penninervia.

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