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Acer japonicum 'Fairy Lights' Dwarf Full Moon Japanese Maple

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Everyone loves the phenomenal fall colors of this Acer japonicum species. Intense fall colors that hold on for a few weeks longer than most Acer palmatums is why the Japanese often use the Acer japonicum in the landscape for fall color. Typically, most japonicum cultivars are a larger mid-sized tree. 'Fairy Lights' is a true dwarf growing slowly to reach about 5 ft by 4 ft in 10 years. 'Fairy Lights' is a selection from Yasmina Rare Plant Nursery in Australia.

In the early spring, this dwarf unfolds its buds to reveal large bright green leaves that have a chartreuse colored eye in the palm of the leaf which radiates outward through the veins of each lobe. The leaves are heavily dissected, even more so than most typical Japanese maples making this tree remarkably ornamental.

The name 'Fairy Lights' is aptly used for this selection because of its dwarf stature and its fall color of bright yellows, shocking reds, and rich oranges that infuse the leaf all at once. Protection from the hot afternoon sun will increase the length of this display of colors in autumn. Because of its size and shape and slow growth, 'Fairy Lights' is ideal for small planting in the landscape, fairy gardens, rock and conifer gardens, and container planting.