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Acer palmatum 'Coonara Pygmy' Dwarf Japanese Maple

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Rare Coonara Pygmy Dwarf Japanese Maple

Zones 5-9

A classic and world famous restaurant in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is Coonara Springs Restaurant. The restaurant is located on a historic homestead of a well maintained 100 year old botanical garden with amazing views of the Yarra Valley.  Arnold Teese of Yasmina Rare Plant Nursery found a witches' broom-like mutation in a very old and large Acer palmatum ssp. palmatum seedling Japanese maple located in these gardens. ‘Coonara Pygmy’ as Arnold named this classic Japanese maple broom, leafs out in the early spring with pink tipping which matures to a rich green. Mature trees typically reach 4 ft by 5 ft in 10 years forming a very dense ball shape. I have found much larger specimens in the heat of the deep south. A great example is at Stephen F. Austin University Gardens in Nacogdoches, TX, where young dwarf Japanese maples grow exceptionally fast when given, shade, water, good drainage, and extremely high temperatures. Fall colors on ‘Coonara Pygmy’ range from brilliant shades or orange to scarlet red.

Limited Quantities Available !! As we have over a thousand cultivars of Japanese maples, we often do not have many of each cultivar. We recommend that you buy the Japanese maples you want immediately as we often sell out of certain selections.

Customer Reviews

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Christie K
My ONLY regret is that I didn't buy 4 more of the Coonara Pygmy maples

We puchased a handful of the Coonara Pygmy maples to plant around our yard. They didn't look like much when they arrived in July, just tiny little things with a few leaves-- but HOLY COW they took root, and within a couple of months they've filled out, grow a zillion more teeny tiny leaves, and we're seeing just the tiniest hint of Fall colors (we're in Colorado, so the weather shifts on a dime from HOT to chilly in September). They're already GORGEOUS, and I didn't expect anything interesting out of these for at least a year or two.
Now I seriously regret that we didn't get three more because they're just striking already-- and they're still only babies! They're ridiculously EASY to grow, and the leaves are spectacular.

The Bearded Bonsai
Beautiful Tree

I grabbed one of these at an open house and I absolutely love it. The tiny leaves and dense habit make this one unique. It turned a bright fiery red in the fall that's beautiful!

Healthy and Green

Arrived healthy, no damage. It's doing very well along with my other maples. Gets morning sun, afternoon shade. It's growing new leaves too.