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Acer palmatum 'Golden Falls' Weeping Golden Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum 'Golden Falls'
Rare Golden Weeping Japanese Maple

Zones 5-9

'Golden Falls' is a brand new weeping selection of Japanese maple that has golden yellow foliage. This selection was found as a chance seedling from 'Ryusei'. Like its parent, it has a heavily weeping habit that will reach the height you stake it to, then cascade from that point. 'Golden Falls' will crawl across the ground creating a unique ground cover without being staked. The tree pictured is a 7 gallon, to show the shape and color of this unique tree. Give 'Golden Falls' morning sun with protection from the hot afternoon sun. Fall colors on 'Golden Falls' may be orange to red. 

Customer Reviews

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Maria Gaite
Lovely Golden Falls

I bought a 1-gallon Golden Falls last November 2023. When I received it, it only had about 5 leaves. Come pre-spring time which was March 2024, the yellow leaves with red tips came out. I love how it cascaded beautifully. The color is lovely. (Yellowish green with red tips). However, here in San Jose, CA, the soil tends to dry out sooner (because it is in a well-draining soil) so I ended watering it everyday. I did not catch the issue right away, so about 85% of the leaves have burned in its outer side. I thought that I had to wait for the soil to dry out before watering them but not here in San Jose, CA. The air is too dry. I did not water the tree after it rained for a few days. The next thing I knew, the leaves were getting burned, and the soil has dried out. I have moved this now in a shaded area (under the tree). I feel that before, it was getting too much sun exposure than necessary before I moved it. Regardless of the leaves burns, this specimen still excites me. I’ll let the burned leaves there until new leaves come out maybe before summer time or next spring time. I am still giving a 5 for this review because overall it is a beautiful specimen, and MrMaple packaged it so well and I love MrMaple’s customer service. The photo below was taken April 2024. The Golden Falls is the cascading maple with jade bonsais at its front.

Richard Gaudet

Nice size tree...a very graft...going home to Louisiana.

Gorgeous 😍

Received my Golden Falls a few days ago and it was gorgeous and healthy straight out of the box. I am going to train it into a 5 foot tree. I can't wait til she grows. Definitely will be ordering more maples from here.

Green beauty

This was one of my first purchase from Mr Maple.. Arrived beautiful n safe.. Going on 2 years strong . so beautiful!

Just wow!

I wish a could leave pictures! Incredible spring color!!! Will be using in a hanging basket.
Packaging was good as always.