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Acer palmatum 'Goshiki kotohime' Dwarf Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum 'Goshiki kotohime'

Rare Goshiki Kotohime Dwarf Japanese Maple Tree

Zones 5-9

Excellent for Bonsai

'Goshiki kotohime' is a superb miniature Japanese maple tree. This dwarf Japanese maple has an exceptional dense habit that makes 'Goshiki kotohime' unique and beautiful. In more sun, 'Goshiki kotohime' is denser, while in shadier locations 'Goshiki kotohime' may be a little bit more open with a tight layering habit on the leaves.

The tiny deep rich green leaves of 'Goshiki kotohime' layer on themselves like shingles on a roof giving a great texture in the landscape. Fall color typically range from orange to red. 'Goshiki kotohime' is extremely slow growing, typically reaching 5-6 ft in 15 years. 'Goshiki kotohime' is a perfect candidate for container growing, conifer beds, or small spaces in the landscape. The primary difference between 'Goshiki kotohime' and 'Kotohime' is that the new growth may have speckles of variegation.

Photo by Ed Shinn. Used with permission. 

Limited Quantities Available !! As we have over a thousand cultivars of Japanese maples, we often do not have many of each cultivar. We recommend that you buy the Japanese maples you want immediately as we often sell out of certain selections.