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Acer palmatum 'Ichigyoji' Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum 'Ichigyoji'

Japanese Maple

Zones 5-9


'Ichigyoji' is a classic Japanese maple that isn't found often in the nursery trade. For traditional Japanese gardens, 'Ichigyogi' makes an ideal tree to infuse the true essense of Japanese gardening. The green amoenum leaves gives a great summery feel in the garden. During fall, 'Ichigyogi' typically puts on a great display of color. 'Ichigyogi' is highly sought after as the yellow fall color trifecta to compliment the orange autumn color of 'Hogyoku' and the red fall color of 'Osakazuki'. While this trifecta is mentioned in Vertrees book, a pure yellow is not typical for 'Ichigyogi'. 'Ichiyogi' typically gives a good variable fall color of yellow, orange, and red. Sometimes this is one color after another, while other times it is all three colors at once. This is still a great trifecta with other two maples.  It is just better to have the right expectations. 'Ichigyogi' may reach 10-12 ft in height in 10 years.

Limited Quantities Available !! As we have over a thousand cultivars of Japanese maples, we often do not have many of each cultivar. We recommend that you buy the Japanese maples you want immediately as we often sell out of certain selections.

Photo by Agustin Coello-Vera