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Acer palmatum 'Ryusen' Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum 'Ryusen' PP#18,501
Rare Weeping Japanese Maple

Zones 5-9

Acer palmatum ‘Ryusen’ is an exciting new pendulous Japanese maple with palmate foliage and an amazing shape. A recent introduction from Kobayashi Nursery in Japan, this small, elegant tree adds a unique form with an exotic appeal to the landscape. This weeping Japanese maple was originally named 'Ryu sei', which translates as "dragon spirit". In early spring, ‘Ryusen’ displays bright shades of chartreuse green. The beautiful chartreuse green new growth accents older growth with smooth dark green foliage throughout the summer months. An amazing fall color change highlights this weeping maple form. The ‘Ryusen’ Japanese maple has autumn leaves that reach shades of bright reds to deep oranges.

This amazing small form of weeping Japanese maple is extremely pendulous. This unique shape makes it extremely malleable to the creativity of the gardener. By growing ‘Ryusen’ will grow to its typical form and this tree reaches around 5-6 ft in 15 years. Staking a central leader can greatly change the form by adding height and unique branching. Your gardening creativity with ‘Ryusen’ can be as big (or small) as your imagination allows. We have even seen ‘Ryusen’ grown upside down from a hanging basket to add a new unique perspective to weeping Japanese maples.

The weeping ‘Ryusen’ Japanese maple is very heat tolerant and durable. This elegant tree can handle full sun up to zone 8 and makes an excellent addition for zones 5-9. Yes, this vigorous tree does great with shade as well and brings amazing shape, color and texture. ‘Ryusen’ is great for: container patio planting, bonsai and small garden areas. As a staked tree, ‘Ryusen’ make a great focal point plants in the landscape. Add ‘Ryusen’ to a bank to provide a unique cascading beauty or near a water feature to accentuate its graceful pendulous form.

This is a great choice for a durable and elegant tree that brings an exceptional unique form. The versatility of this Japanese maple truly gives the gardener a new way to explore creative options. If you are looking for a striking pendulous tree that brings big fall color, select the weeping ‘Ryusen’ Japanese maple for your garden today!

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