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Acer pictum 'Naguri nishiki' Batwing Maple

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 Acer pictum 'Naguri nishiki'

Rare Naguri nishiki Variegated Batwing Maple

Zones 5-9

Think of the batwing maple, but the most white selection possible! This is ‘Naguri nishiki’. When I first saw it at Kobayashi Maple Nursery in Japan in 2015, my jaw dropped. The color is bright. In the spring, the leaves leaf out white with a few green splotches on the leaves. Give some protection from the hot afternoon sun to keep the most white in the leaves throughout the year. If given more sun, the summer color may be more pale green with a slight variegation. Fall color is typically yellow to orange. ‘Naguri nishiki’ may reach 8-10 ft in 15 years. ‘Naguri nishiki’ was introduced in the Saitama prefecture by Takayuki Kishida.

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