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Acer pseudosieboldianum ssp takesimense Wild Collected Maple

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Acer pseudosieboldianum ssp takesimense 

Ulleung-do Island - Great Fall Color Cold Tolerant Japanese Maple

Zones 4-9

This is a grafted form from a wild collection of Acer pseudosieboldianum ssp. takesimense that was collected during by plant explorer Anthony Aiello during an expedition to the the Republic of Korea (South Korea) in 1991. Interesting note is the new growth tends to more pink on the new growth. Excellent fall color!

Sometimes referred to as Acer takesimense, this species is perhaps the most amazing acer species of them all. It leafs out in the early spring with large rounded green leaves that are more full and wider than 'Autumn Moon' or 'Golden Full Moon' and other shirasawanum types. These rounded leaves stand out make this tree highly unique and ornamental. While the leaf itself is attractive, the fall color display of yellows infused with oranges and metallic reds is what makes this selection a "must have". This fall color display typically holds onto the tree fro a few more weeks than Acer palmatum and is often more consistent. Grafted onto Acer palmatum it is predicted that this rare maple will reach 12-15ft in 20 years. Native to Ulleungdo Island between Japan and Korea in the China Sea, this species is in section palmata and is considered one of the most desirable Japanese maples.


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