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Azalea 'Johga’ Satsuki Azalea

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Azalea 'Johga' White  Blooms With Purple Blotch

Evergreen Azalea With White Variegated Blooms


Zones 6-9

'Johga’ is quite a striking Satsuki azalea. ‘Johga’ is a mid-to-late spring bloomer with white blooms that have pink-red to light purple blotch. The contrast is quite special and makes an attractive look in the garden. Occasionally, ‘Johga’ may produce whole blooms that are solid pink to solid light purple. ‘Johga’ may reach 3 ft in height and width in 10 years with a nice compact habit. Being a Satsuki azalea, ‘Johga’ is excellent for bonsai. ‘Johga’, also known as ‘Joga’, was introduced into the nursery trade in the United States in 1938 when the United States Department of Agricultural imported some of the first Satsuki azaleas from Japan through Chugai Nursery. 

All azaleas are 1 gallon containers and are not currently bonsai.


Limited Quantities Available !! As we have hundreds of azalea cultivars, we often do not have many of each cultivar. We recommend that you buy the azaleas you want immediately as we often sell out of certain selections.