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Camellia japonica 'Korean Fire' Red Flowering Zone 6 Cold Hardy Camellia

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Camellia japonica 'Korean Fire'

Red Flowering 'Korean Fire' Hardy Camellia

Zones 6-10

Part Shade

Korean Fire' has bright red to deep burgundy flowers on a hardy camellia with a bright golden yellow center. These flowers appear in the early spring, which for us is an April bloomer. 'Korean Fire' was a selection that was wild collected by Barry Yinger on Taechong Island along the North Korean coast. Barry noticed some camellia growing on the north side of the island that get hit by cold winds in the winter. These cold winds are often referred to as the Siberian Express. 'Korean Fire' was collected from seed from these hardy camellias. Further testing has proven this to be a great zone 6 hardy camellia. Barry even notes that his plants have went through temperatures of -28 degrees Fahrenheit.  Camellia japonica 'Korean Fire' may reach 10-12 ft in height by 8 ft in width.

Photos by Hayes Jackson.

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