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Chionanthus virginicus 'Grancy Greybeard' Native White Fringe Tree

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Chionanthus virginicus 
Buy "Grancy Greybeard" Native White Fringe Tree

Zones 4-9


The native white fringe tree is a beautiful flowering tree that deserves a spot in your garden. Chionanthus virginicus emerges in the early spring with white flowers that give this tree a cloud like appearance. Dark rich green leaves emerge as the flowers begin to disappear. Also known as the "Grancy Greybeard", Chionanthus virginicus may reach 12-15 ft in 20 years. Fall color is typically a yellow on the leaves.

Chionanthus virginicus are dioecious, meaning each tree is typically a male tree or a female tree. Female chionanthus virginicus typically produce fruit which are loved by birds and wildlife, while males are fruitless but are needed to pollinate the female tree. As these are younger trees, it is impossible to pick males vs females. I do, however, recommend planting this tree in groupings of 3. Typically, you will get a mixture that provide wildlife benefits and will look extra beautiful in your landscape.

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