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Our Valentine's Day Sale is live! Click here for more information.

Cornus officinalis 'Spring Glow' Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

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Cornus officinalis 'Spring Glow'

'Spring Glow'  Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Zones 4-9

Partial Sun to Full Sun

Edible Ornamental

Cornus officinalis 'Spring Glow' is a selection of Cornelian cherry dogwood by the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, NC. 'Spring Glow' blooms in late March with bright yellow clustered blooms that would almost remind you of a forsythia. The tree form of 'Spring Glow' is upright and uniform. During the summer, red fruits begin to appear on the tree which I have eaten numerous times. They are quite a tasty treat for me and for wildlife. The fruit are sometimes use in making jams or jellies.

While they are tasty, the red fruits also make a beautiful ornamental appeal with red cherry-like fruit hanging over the green leaves. Fall color on the leaves 'Spring Glow' is a bright red to deep maroon. The bark on 'Spring Glow' gives this tree year-round interest. Originally listed as a cornus mas, it was later recognized as cornus officinalis. 'Spring Glow' may reach 15-20 ft in 15 years. Cornus officinalis 'Spring Glow' makes a perfect ornamental tree for any garden, especially the edible landscape.

You can buy Cornus officinalis 'Spring Glow' fruiing cornelian cherry dogwood online mail-order. 'Spring Glow' is a beautiful bark interest Cornus mas cornelian cherry dogwood. A purchase of Cornus officinalis 'Spring Glow' cornelian cherry dogwood is a true investment in your yard!  Cornus officinalis 'Spring Glow' is the golden flowering and fruiting cherry dogwood for you. Buy this Cornus officinalis 'Spring Glow' fruit tree online with confidence at our online Japanese maple store!

 Limited Quantities Available !! As we have over a thousand cultivars of woody ornamentals, we often do not have many of each cultivar. We recommend that you buy woody ornamental you want immediately as we often sell out of certain selections.