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Picea sitchensis 'Uncle Wiley' Dwarf Sitka Spruce

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Picea sitchensis

'Uncle Wiley' 

Dwarf Sitka Spruce

Zones 2-8

Originating from a witches' broom discovered by Doug Wilson at the University of Oregon, 'Uncle Wiley' was affectionately named after his son, Wiley. 'Uncle Wiley' is a charmingly slow-growing spruce, boasting a delightful two-tone coloration. Initially found as a witches' broom on a Sitka spruce, its distinctive blue hue has led some to mistakenly identify it as a Picea pungens. The fresh growth of the dwarf spruce showcases enchanting hues of blue and green. Despite its small stature, this dwarf variety adds considerable charm to compact spaces. Over the course of 10 years, 'Uncle Wiley' is expected to reach a height of approximately 3 ft with a width of 2 ft.

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