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Our Valentine's Day Sale is live! Click here for more information.
Our Valentine's Day Sale is live! Click here for more information.

Azalea 'Hooper's Red’ Native Flame Azalea

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Rhododendron calendulaceum

'Hooper's Red'

Deep Red Large Blooms Azalea

Deciduous Native Flame Azalea

Zones 5-8

The native flame azaleas of Hooper’s Bald are quite unique.  Normally, our native flame azaleas are more orange in its color. The color range in our region on the native flame azaleas, Rhododendron calendulaceum, is quite special. What makes many Hooper’s Bald selections special is not just the vibrant color, but the size of the blooms. ‘Hooper’s Red’ is the best deep red selection from the Hooper’s Bald. The blooms can range from 2.5 to 3 inches in bloom size. ‘Hooper’s Red’ may reach 6 ft in height by 4 ft in 10 years. Make sure to give ‘Hooper’s Red’ good drainage and plenty of organic matter when planting.


You can buy Rhodendron calendulaceum 'Hooper's Red' Red Blooms Azalea online mail-order. Rhodendron calendulaceum 'Hooper's Red' Red Blooms Azalea is a beautiful red flowering selection of a flowering a deciduous heat hardy azalea shrub. A purchase of an Azalea 'Hooper's Red’ red azalea is a true investment in your yard! Azalea 'Hooper's Red’ is the red flowering heat tolerant azalea for you. Buy this Azalea 'Hooper's Red' red Blooms online with confidence at our online Japanese maple store!

Limited Quantities Available !!  We recommend that you buy the azaleas you want immediately as we often sell out of certain selections.