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Chionanthus retusus 'Yadkin Creeper' Weeping Chinese Fringe Tree

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Chionanthus retusus 'Yadkin Creeper'
Yadkin Creeper Dwarf  Weeping

Chinese Fringe Tree

Zones 5-9

Everyone loves Chinese fringe trees for their glorious white blooms that appear in the spring and their exfoliating bark that provides year-round interest. What has not been available until now is a dwarf spreading Chinese fringe tree. 'Yadkin Creeper' has a low spreading habit reaching 6ft in height by 8ft in width in 15 years wit the typical foliage and flowers of the species. Some would call the habit of 'Yadkin Creeper' "weeping" but I think this selection has an excellent laterally growing habit.

In 2003, Todd Lasseigne and Jon Roethling were picking up plants for the JC Raulston Gala at Yadkin Valley Nursery. They stumbled upon this creeping Chinese fringe tree and convinced the nursery to part ways with this gem. Years later this gorgeous tree can be found at the JC Raulston Arboretum showing off its unique dwarf spreading habit that Todd named 'Yadkin Creeper'. A photo of this tree's shape is shown in the second photo when it is out of leaf. The structure is great! Be unique, be different and get this gorgeous flowering dwarf fringe tree to shine in your garden.

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