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FOR PICKUP ONLY | Acer japonicum ‘Rising Sun’ Japanese Maple | DOES NOT SHIP

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Acer japonicum ‘Rising Sun’ 

Full Moon Japanese Maple Tree

Zones 5-9

'Rising Sun’ is one of the largest leaf full moon Japanese maple selections. The leaves can be dinner plate in their size, creating a unique texture in the landscape. In the early spring, these large green leaves are accentuated by small red tassel flowers that may hang from the branches. This flower display becomes more prominent on older specimens. These large green leaves really look tropical and add drama as they blow in the wind. ‘Rising Sun’ adds to this drama in the fall when it turns shades of yellow, orange, and red. It sometimes turns all 3 at the same time, giving a lot of dynamic color in the garden.

‘Rising Sun’ may 8-10 ft in 15 years. Give ‘Rising Sun’ morning sun with protection from the hot afternoon sun to maximize leaf shape and growth rate with this Acer japonicum selection. ‘Rising Sun’ makes a great fall color, specimen, or focal point planting. Pair ‘Rising Sun’ with selections like ‘Kiyohime’ or ‘Hime shojo’ for dynamic texture and shape contrast. These selections have smaller leaves and a rounded habit, providing a sharp contrast for the taller structure and huge leaves of Acer japonicum ‘Rising Sun’.