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Picea mariana 'Aureovariegata' Variegated Black Hills Spruce

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 Picea mariana 'Aureovariegata'

Variegated Black Hills Spruce

Zones 3-8


'Aureovariegata’ is beautiful very rare upright selection of a black hills spruce with blue-green needles. ‘Aureovariegata’  has nice golden yellow color on new growth which contrasts nicely against the older growth. In full sun, the needles that are hit by the sun get a golden shine to them. This creates an ideal specimen to add a unique evergreen winter interest in the landscape. Cones on ‘Aureovariegata’ are a deep purple, adding even more interest to more mature specimens. ‘Aureovariegata’ may reach 5 ft in height by 3 ft in width in 10 years. ‘Aureovariegata’ likes mostly sun, even full sun, and is extremely hardy. ‘Aureovariegata’ has also incorrectly been known under  Picea pungens ‘Aurea’.

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